The ACA was founded in 1973 by former presidents of the RIBA. It has stood firm for quality in architecture and reliability of service in private practice ever since.

Although its roots go back much earlier, the ACA was created at a time when there was no organisation in existence dedicated specifically to the interests of private practitioners. It continues to focus on the issues of practice and over the years has consulted and campaigned successfully on important areas of concern to architects who run their own practices.

The original dedication still holds true and the maintenance of a collective voice on important and topical matters related to the role and standing of consultant architects is still considered to be the single most important benefit offered to ACA members today.

The ACA Founders include:

Ray Moxley

David Stern

Richard Sheppard

John Partridge 

Theo Crosby

Leslie K. Watson

 Brian Falk

Sam Scorer