The ACA has launched its electronic contracts portal. Eventually all contract documents produced by the ACA will be available to purchase as electronic PDF’s from this site. Currently only PPC2000 (Amended 2008) and TPC2005 (Amended 2008) are available.

We recommend you have a paper copy of the relevant Guide to your contract as well as a copy of the Pricing Guide, both of which will provide information which will help you complete the contracts.

We do not provide legal advice and you should refer to your advisers for technical advice for completing the contract. If you need to add more signatory boxes to your contracts at a later date, please contact us on: and we will be happy to provide you an amended watermarked contract with more signature spaces than originally purchased through the portal.

The portal can be found by clicking on the following link:

Please see our terms and conditions of trading ACA Publication purchase T & Cs 2014 (edit)