FOR: Rab Bennetts, Bennetts Associates

AGAINST: Walter Meneth, Walter Meneth Architects

MODERATOR: Alfred Munkenbeck, Munkenbeck & Partners

In an ideal world, the concept architect should be engaged to continue to complete a detailed project. However, problems arise with the issue of whether or not planning consent should be linked to the continued use of the concept architect. Some architects are entirely capable of delivering their own concepts but their services are often terminated at the delivery stage; a disadvantage for both the scheme and for architecture in the long term. Conversely, tying a concept architect to the consent effectively forces a client to use someone who may not be competent. Which goes against local authority due diligence. Our speakers will debate these issues as well as that of “delivery architects” and whether to make delivery an essential part of design so that the reason for separating them goes away.


The ACA Soapbox is a series of informal debates intended to let you have your say and hear a full spectrum of views on topical issues in a convivial setting. You don’t have to be a member of the ACA or an architect to come and join in!

Event details

• For all architects in practice

• Practice managers

• Clients

• Architectural Technologists

When: 25 April, 2017. 18.00 – 21.00

Where: Bennetts Associates 1 Rawstorne Place London EC1V 7NL

RSVP: e: or @ Eventbrite

Cost: Free to attend, £5 contribution for refreshments at door


Delivery is Essential for Design

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