The principle purpose of the ACA is to represent and support architects in their resolve to provide excellence in practice.  To this end only registered architects working as principals in private practice are eligible to become full voting members of the ACA. The Association lobbies and consults with Government and major industry bodies, arranges events and provides other services in support of this goal.  By becoming a member of the ACA, you have the benefit of discounted rates at events and on publications and the knowledge that you are supporting a respected voice within the profession and industry.

Non voting Membership is also open to architects employed in practices whose principals are not ACA members, students of architecture and retired architects.  All personnel within a full member’s practice have access to ACA events and services at member’s discounted rates.  Current members’ practices range from sole practitioners to large multidisciplinary firms.

The ACA is not encumbered with a large bureaucracy and can respond quickly and efficiently to events and to members’ concerns and enquiries.  ACA Council, chaired by the President, runs the Association and deals with all issues. As a result the Association is particularly responsive to the membership and Council members may be approached directly by members, or through the Secretary General, Director of Enterprise or the Chief Operating Officer, with concerns, proposals or suggestions relating to any aspect of ACA activity, in certain knowledge that it will be considered by Council.

The ACA is not a regulatory body and there is no obligation to join.  Instead the Association offers valuable encouragement and support to all those aspiring to excellence in architectural practice through CPD and networking with like-minded professionals, both architects and other disciplines.

ACA Membership is currently free. Join us and complete the membership form