Please find details of our Contract Amendments. These must be applied to ensure the various ACA publications comply with current legislation

PPC/TPC Suite of Partnering Contracts

PPC2000 – Amended 2013

    PPC13 Amendments for CDM Regulations 2015

PPC2000 – Amended 08

    PPC08 Amendments for Construction Act 2011

    PPC payment changes for contracting authorities

    BIM supplement

    Employment Skills and Model Clauses for insertion into PPC2000_08

    Summary of amendments made to PPC2000/SPC2000/TPC2005 in 2008

    PPC2000 (Amended 2003) – ACA Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering

    PPC2000 – Amendments to PPC2000 incorporated into PPC2000 ( 2003)

PPC2000 – Original

    Special Terms that can be added to PPC2000 and/or TPC2005 to comply with CDM2007 

SPC2000 – Amended 2004

    SPC2000 (Amended 2004) – ACA Standard Form of Specialist Contract for Project Partnering

    Amendments 2004 to SPC2000 ACA Form of Specialist Contract for Project Partnering

SPC2000 – Amended 2008

    HGCRA SPC2000 Amended 08

TPC2005 – Amended 2008


    TPC2005_08_ Amendments Construction Act 2011

    TPC payment changes for contracting authorities

ACA Architectural Appointment Contracts

    ACA98 Construction Act amendments

    ACA98 Bribery Act amendments

    ACA SFA 2012: CDM Amendments 2015 SFA

ACA SFA 2012 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA15) . This replaces the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCR99) which have been provided for in ACA SFA 2012. One change is  a ‘right to reject’ period of 30 days rather than a ‘reasonable period’.

However, what is important when architects are dealing with Consumer clients is explaining to them the contract terms which the late Mr Justice Toulmin set out as unfair in Picardi v Cunniberti:

  • the basis of the designer’s charges
  • the limit of the designer’s liability
  • appointment, payment and responsibilities of others
  • no set-off
  • payment notices
  • dispute resolution and costs, particularly the use of adjudication and then writing to the client before the consultancy contract is executed noting that the client has explained these terms and that the client has agreed to them.

Despite Toulon’s view on adjudication, many of the cases brought by consumers have involved claims that adjudication is unfair and the vast majority of these cases have apparently been unsuccessful (see Lovell v Legg & Carver).

Anyone wishing to have their set out in more detail together with model letters on this and everything else on running a building project would do well to buy  BIID Interior Design Job Book, merely substituting ‘architect’ for ‘designer’.

Amendments for other ACA Contracts

  Amends to form of Building Agreement 2013

An important note on Construction Act amendments

The Government passed an order confirming that 1st October 2011 was the date for the long anticipated implementation of the new Construction Act. The new Act applies to ACA’s entire range of Partnering Contracts and the majority of its Appointment documents and other contracts. These documents will need to be revised to show the requirements of the new Act which relate to the way that payment and dispute resolution provisions are dealt with and operated.

We have produced amendments for all ACA publications and have produced a track marked version of the amendments for our Partnering Suite of Contracts. PPC2000 (Amended 2013) includes these amendments in this version and other contracts will be updated when stocks demand.

Any contracts entered into after 1st October that have not been updated will be non compliant with the new Act.

Details of the amendments to the PPC, TPC and SPC Partnering Contracts can be found on our dedicated website:

ACA SFA  Amendments:  The Bribery and LDEDC Act Amendments have been incorporated into ACA SFA 2012 to comply with the Bribery and LDEDC Acts.