Welcome to the ACA directory of practices. If you would like to view the details of a practice that you know, you can directly search the directory by entering the practice name. If you are looking for a possible practice to work with, in the first instance you can search the directory using keywords to generate a shortlist of practices likely to offer the services you require. While most architects regard themselves as generalists and it is hard to devise a simple guide to the distinguishing characteristics of a practice, the shortlists generated by keywords should be a useful starting point. Reference to the β€˜working with an architect’ pages of the ACA website may help with the process of choosing as well. The ACA recommends that you make contact with a number of practices before making a final choice.

The keywords fall into four sections; choose up to 3 keywords from the first three sections and a preferred region or β€œall” within the location section.

You can search from:

Services – A drop down menu with 14 terms

Sectors – A drop down menu with 17 terms

Ethos – A drop down menu with 18 items

Region – A drop down menu with 13 items.

The search results are randomly generated and not alphabetical. If you do not have any success with a multiple choice search, we recommend you search on less terms or perhaps just region.

Services Sectors Ethos Regions