CDC Craft Design Construction is a supplier of construction, sustainable and handmade materials and products made in Portugal.

Sustainable materials include cork flooring, cork products, and textiles made from cork and upcycled materials. Cork is one of the most sustainable and natural materials. Axes are used to carefully strip the bark from the tree, thus allowing the tree to grow for 200 years. Cork not used for wine stoppers is broken down into a fine granular form and used to make flooring and products. Cork flooring is comfortable to walk on, durable, hygienic and helps in the prevention of allergies, and has good thermal & acoustic properties.
Handmade materials include hydraulic cement tiles, crafted to a technique dating back generations. Coloured pigments are poured into a steel mould and bonded with marble dust before they are placed outside to bake under the hot Alentejo sun.
Viroc Cement Bonded Particle Board is a composite panel board of wood particles and cement bonded with coloured pigment used in a variety of ways to include facades, flooring, partition walls, and joinery, internally and externally.
Also furniture and lighting by Pritzker prize winning architects Álvaro Siza Vieria and Eduardo Souto de Moura.

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