ACA Planning Manifesto – Invitation to join the discussion


F R E E   Z O O M  S E S S I O N

12th January
5pm to 6:30pm

ACA Planning Manifesto – Invitation to join the discussion 

“We believe these proposals can change the planning system from a negative to a positive one, releasing skills and resources for a new injection of vision”.

This is our goal and in response to Member feedback, we would like to precisely and succinctly summarise those elements of the current planning system that are regarded as negative, by directly comparing and contrasting these with the Manifesto proposals.

For example, a notable lack of personnel in local authority planning departments means planning application and local plan procedures are not being dealt with in a way that is timely or allows for proper engagement with applicants. The Manifesto proposals would allow straightforward applications to be processed by suitably qualified approved agents – in the same way as Building Regulations submissions – but with the final decision still made by a local authority officer.

Similarly, planning applications, and discharge of reserved matters, have become over complex, leading to increased cost and delays, even when sites are allocated for development. The Manifesto proposals remove technical (measurable) matters from the initial planning application stages, to be determined by a new “approved for construction” procedure which would also be assessed by approved agents.

Our Manifesto can be dowloaded here

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