The principle purpose of the ACA is to represent and support architects in their resolve to provide excellence in practice.


Membership of the ACA is free and open to practices run by registered architects within the UK. Principals of member practices become full voting members of the ACA. All personnel within a member practice have access to ACA events and services at members’ discounted rates. Current member practices range from sole practitioners to multidisciplinary firms.

Associate (non-voting) Membership of the ACA is open to registered architects who are employed by practices whose principals are not ACA members. This is intended to spread the ACA message and make events and services available to architects as a whole.  Where they may have influence, associate members are encouraged to try to make their employers aware of the value of ACA membership.

We also welcome student members who are currently engaged in architectural education or practical training as well as retired architects who are no longer practising.


The ACA promotes the service a consultant architect offers and works to sustain the profession’s reputation and ensure its appropriate place within the building industry, as well as maintaining awareness of its value to clients, domestic and commercial, and the broader community as a whole.

While other benefits listed below are available to members, this collective voice is regarded as the most important function of the ACA and is central to the ethos of the Association.


  • The opportunity to collaborate with an organisation dedicated to excellence in practice and therefore, to influence its activities and policies, reinforcing a strong voice within the industry through consultations and the media
  • Representation on national and government bodies
  • Representation on the Construction Industry Council
  • Professional development events and networking opportunities.


  • Active encouragement and permission to use the ACA Logo on all marketing materials and your website
  • Your profile in the directory area of our website, where potential clients search for architect professionals
  • The opportunity to highlight your projects in our publications and with partner organisations
  • Principal Members are entitled and encouraged to use the initials ACArch to indicate their membership of the association
  • Use of an ACA Site board, which is available to download.


  • Access to Members Only Area of the ACA website hosting exclusive features and articles
  • A quarterly newsletter circulated via email which keeps members updated with matters related to planning developments, Government regulations and other such industry topics
  • Access to free ACA webinars and discounts on ACA events and other construction events
  • Discounts on the following ACA Contracts, with the discount code located in the ACA Members Area:-
    • ACA Professional Services Agreement (ACA PSA22) – Singe Purchase 
    • ACA Professional Services Agreement (ACA PSA22) – Multi Use Service 
    • ACA Standard Form of Agreement (ACA SFA24) – to be published December 2023
  • Ability to purchase alliance form contracts FAC-1 and TAC-1 as well as collaborative contracts PPC200 and TPC2005
  • The ACA also offers Electronic Building Contract PDFs and Licenses for a number of alliance form and collaborative contracts to support enhanced ways of working and efficiencies
  • Through our collaboration with Management for Design, ACA members have access to their advisory service relating to: Business Planning, Business Management, Performance Management /Business Systems. As well as access to a FAQ Sheet developed exclusively for the ACA; providing additional support to your practice’s finances
  • We are delighted to partner with Howdenour preferred professional indemnity insurance broker for ACA members. Howden’s specialist Insurance practitioners provide insurance broking and risk management services to architectural professions across construction, property and land. They understand how the profession has improved its approach to risk management and this experience has been crucial in helping the sector understand and adapt to new regulations such as the Building Safety Act 2022 and the ever evolving risk landscape from Cyber liability to Net Zero.
  • Our partnership with Invennt offers ACA members specialist advice to submit claims for Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. Invennt’s unrivalled technical knowledge and proprietary AiRD platform leaves no stone unturned in the search for qualifying expenditure and streamlines the claims process, ensuring a watertight claim completed with minimal hassle for the claimant. Invennt’s RIBA qualified consultants understand the iterative process by which architects solve technical challenges and how this may qualify for R&D tax credits. Our partnership empowers our members to maximise the financial benefit while continuing to push the boundaries by uncovering hidden value and turning problem solving into profit. Learn more via their website HERE.