About membership of the ACA

Registered architects working as principles in private practice are eligible to become full voting members of the ACA. The principal purpose of the ACA is to represent and support architects in their resolve to provide excellence in practice.  The association lobbies and consults with Government and major industry bodies, arranges events and provides other services in support of this goal. Membership is also open to architects employed in practices whose principals are not ACA members, students and retired architects. By becoming a member of the ACA, you have the benefit of discounted rates at events and on publications of and the knowledge that you are supporting a respected voice within the profession and industry.

Membership of the ACA is open to practices run by registered architects within the UK. Principals of member practices become full voting members of the ACA. All personnel within a member practice have access to ACA events and services at members discounted rates. Current member practices range from sole practitioners to multidisciplinary firms.

Associate (non-voting) Membership of the ACA is open to Registered Architects who are employed by non-member practices. This is intended to spread the ACA message and make events and services available to a architects as a whole.  Where they may have influence, associate members are encouraged to try to make their employers aware of the value of ACA membership.

For those no longer practising, retired membership is available and we welcome student members, who are currently engaged in architectural education or practical training.

The ACA is unencumbered with a large bureaucracy and can respond quickly and efficiently to members concerns and enquiries.  ACA Council, chaired by the President, runs the Association and deals with all issues. Thus, the association is particularly responsive to the membership and Council members may be approached directly by the membership, or contact made through the Secretary General or Administration Manager, with concerns, proposals or suggestions relating to any aspect of ACA activity, in certain knowledge that it will be considered by Council.

Since its inception in the seventies the ACA has stood firmly for quality in architecture and the service offered by architects in private practice. It was created as an organisation dedicated essentially to the interests of private practitioners specifically relating to issues of practice, competence, professional development and quality of service. That dedication holds true as ever today and the ACA strives to provide a collective voice on crucial issues relating to practice.

It promotes the service a consultant architect offers and works to sustain the profession’s reputation and ensure its appropriate place within the building industry as well as maintaining awareness of its value to Clients, domestic and commercial, and the broader community as a whole. While other benefits are available to members, this collective voice is regarded as the most important function of the ACA and is central to the ethos of the Association.

Nominated architects from member practices are invited to vote on behalf of their practices at all AGM and EGM meetings of the Association. The ACA is not a regulatory body and there is no obligation to join, but the Association offers valuable encouragement of and support to all aspiring to excellence in architectural practice through CPD and networking with like- minded professionals both architects and colleagues from other disciplines.


The benefits available to members of the ACA are:

  • the opportunity to collaborate with an organisation dedicated to excellence in practice and thus to influence its activities and policies, reinforcing a strong voice within the industry through consultations and the media
  • Representation on national and government bodies
  • Representation on the Construction Industry Council

Professional Development Events, Networking

  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with other architects and associated construction professionals at ACA events
  • Participation in an established, highly respected professional body

Other Services

  • Legal Helplines – Davis Wallis Foyster and Hewitsons
  • The ACA Towergate Insurance Scheme
  • Business Fact sheet and guidance
  • Discounts on ACA Publications at 25%
  • Discounts on ACA Events and other construction organisation events
  • Discounts on other publications via our industry partners
  • A regular newsletter by email keeping members updated with matters relating specifically to practice
  • Access to the Members Only area of the website for specific items and downloads.
  • Regular updates on what we are doing and other issues of concern through ACA e-News
  • Occasional exhibitions on line and in real space of members and other artistic works
  • Partnership with SCALA and the distribution of the SCALA newsletter to ACA members
  • Partnership with CIAT and the BIID to bring their events to ACA members at discounted rates
  • Association with ACE to bring their events to ACA members at discounted rates

Marketing and Use of ACA Logos

  • Active encouragement and permission to use the ACA Logo on all marketing materials and your website
  • Your profile in the directory area of our website, where clients search for architects professionals.
  • The opportunity to highlight your projects in our publications and with partner organisations
  • Principal Members are entitled and encouraged to use the initials ACArch to indicate their membership of the association.
  • Use of an ACA Site board, which is available to download.

Requirements for membership

To become a member of the ACA, you need to be a registered architect practising in your own right. Single practitioners, partnerships and other forms of practice may join the ACA. Membership is practice based and subscriptions are related to practice size, calculated on the basis of four simple categories. If your practice subscribes to the ACA, all principals of the practice may be nominated voting members and all personnel within the practice have access to ACA events, publications and services at discount rates. If you do not practice in your own right, but you are a registered architect and work for a practice that is not an ACA member practice, you can still join the ACA as an associate member. You will have access to events and services but will not have the right to vote.

How to join
You can apply to join the ACA by completing the subscription form as appropriate. Should you require any assistance please contact administration manager, Shona Broughton on office[@]acarchitects.co.uk Click here to download a subscription form. VAT is not payable on ACA Subscriptions and membership fees are invoiced on an annual basis. Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.

Student Membership
In 2002 the ACA developed Student Membership through the Forum. In particular the ACA are keen to promote awareness of the Association and its work to students of architecture and to support students especially in the development of good practice. Student members of the ACA Forum do not have any voting rights at ACA General Meetings but are entitled to many of the benefits offered to Members of the ACA. A representative for students sits on Council. Student Membership is free of charge.

Call us on 020 8466 9079 or email us on: office@acarchitects.co.uk and one of us will talk you through membership