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Avoiding ‘exclusions’

The current worry for the profession is that the PI insurance market for architects is not particularly large and it appears that insurers are taking the view that whilst they don’t want to exclude architects entirely, they are worried that some aspects of architectural practice are too risky to be profitable. The problem is that some of the areas that underwriters are trying to side step are actually fundamental [...]

March 27, 2023|

‘We’ve been sold a pup’

If the public were asked to board an aeroplane, designed and constructed to the standards of the buildings that our industry delivers, planes would fly empty, says Paul Hyett. I gave a talk at an international conference late last year entitled ‘We’ve Been Sold a Pup’. It caused an extraordinary stir and, to my surprise, split the room into two apparently irreconcilable factions, more of which later, writes Paul [...]

March 27, 2023|

Collaborative Procurement

FAC-1, a contractual integrator for UK and international construction The FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract (‘FAC-1’) is a new type of contract, recognised by the UK Government as creating a ‘Gold Standard’ that can help to deliver improved value, reduced risks and net zero carbon targets. FAC-1 has attracted support in the UK and around the world because it operates alongside other contracts, looking beyond basic risk allocation to support [...]

October 11, 2022|

Embodied carbon, levelling up, street votes and the Cambridge- MK-Oxford Arc

Account of Forum meeting on 6 June 2022 hosted by UCL Full minute by Riëtte Oosthuizen also at > LP&DF London Planning and Development Forum on 6 June 2022 was kindly hosted by Dr Jessica Ferm, Associate Professor in Planning and Urban Management, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London at 22 Gordon Street, London, WC1 0QB. First discussion led by Alison Bembenek Lichfields [...]

October 11, 2022|

Complains culture: a complaint

Paul Finch addressed Council at the July awayday. Here is some of what he said to us Wherever we look currently, it seems that com- plaints culture rules the roost. As soon as somebody makes an allegation, whether current or historical, up pops somebody else (responsible or not) to apologise profusely, to promise to investigate, and the ensure that what is being complained of ‘never happens again’. Complaints culture [...]

October 11, 2022|


Guidance for design and construction to support building safety Among the housing safety measures announced in Parliament by Secretary of State Michael Gove recently was publication of ‘Collaborative Procurement Guidance for Design and Construction to Support Building Safety’. This guidance seeks to learn from the Grenfell Tower disaster and was co-authored by me on behalf of the King’s College London Centre of Construction Law with Russell Poynter-Brown of On [...]

March 29, 2022|

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