This handbook explores the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract as a multi-party umbrella that connects the team members engaged on any project or programme of works, services or supplies. It explains the FAC-1 processes for planning, joint working, contract award, performance review, problem-solving and shared learning, and it illustrates how FAC-1 helps to attract investment, motivate innovation, improve value, manage risks and achieve net zero carbon targets.

FAC-1 has been adopted on procurements worth more than £100 billion in the UK and in other jurisdictions, and this handbook explains what is different about FAC-1, how it is used in practice, and how it works clause by clause. With 30 case studies and 46 practice notes, the handbook provides an introduction for those who are new to FAC-1, a refresher for current users, and practical tips for teams engaged on any FAC-1 project or programme of works, services or supplies in any sector.

This handbook is designed for use by framework providers, clients, designers, managers, contractors, specialists, operators and legal advisers. It includes the features of FAC-1 as a ‘Gold Standard’ framework contract recommended by the UK government, and it explains how it can improve the efficiency of digital information management. It also provides templates, diagrams and checklists that show how to complete FAC-1, how to use it alongside FIDIC, JCT, NEC, PPC and TAC contract forms, and how to bring its relationships and processes to life.

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ISBN 9781913019839