for use with TPC2005 & STPC2005

This Pricing Guide was written by users and practitioners to help Clients, Service Providers and Consultants understand how to structure and implement pricing under the TPC2005 and STPC2005 forms of Contract. It clearly explains how to maximise the opportunities under TPC2005 to create clear pricing strategies and achieve value for money. Topics covered include fixed price to Open-Book and everything in between, an understanding of these pricing mechanisms allows users of the contract greater confidence in adapting the contract over a variety of projects.

The guide is aimed at those responsible for the selection and appointment of TPC2005 service providers which includes Consultants, Client Officers, Procurement Managers and other advisers.

ISBN: 978-1-901171-42-6
Additional guidance for the two stage pricing procedure set out under TPC2005 and STPC2005

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