ACA Standard Form of Contract for Term Partnering

TPC2005 is the first standard form Term Partnering Contract and was developed in response to considerable demand for a new approach to the procurement of term works and services. Launched by Sir Michael Latham, it applies the radical ideas inPPC2000to a single multi-party contract that is the foundation and route map for partnering in term contracts. TPC was amended in 2008.

TPC2005 can be used for any type of term works and services in any jurisdiction and provides a clear set of contractual provisions and processes that directly assist and support achievement of these objectives.  Matters dealt with in TPC2005 that are not covered in other standard form term contracts include:-

  • An integrated multi-party team;
  • A full communications strategy;
  • Processes for continuous improvement;
  • Measures of improvement and related incentives;
  • A partnering timetable for key activities;
  • Mobilisation provisions linked where necessary to TUPE, pensions and client assets;
  • Development of more open pricing over the life of the term programme;
  • Supply chain partnering;
  • Proactive change and risk management, including use of a risk register;
  • Problem-solving and alternative dispute resolution.

ISBN: 978-1-901171-34-1

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