The ACA publishes a number of key documents used extensively by the building professions and within the industry. They are divided into the general sections below for clarity.

  • ACA Suite of Partnering Contracts
  • ACA Alliance Contracts FAC-1 and TAC-1
  • ACA forms of Architectural Appointment
  • Other ACA building related Contracts & documents

The ACA recommends the following as best practice guidance: incorporation of terms by reference

1. Ensure you complete and sign an appropriate and current Standard Form of Agreement / Contract at the outset.
This should prevent misunderstandings on what has been agreed.

2. Agree the scope of services within the Agreement / Contract with the Client. Clarify what is included and the cost.
This should avoid the risk of unlimited liability

3. Consider the effect of any proposed amendments to the Standard Form and ensure you take appropriate legal advice.
Avoid jeopardising good working relationships.

4. Ensure all terms of any agreement / contract are clearly set out and that none are “incorporated by reference” as these will not appear within what you sign.
If necessary ensure terms of agreement are signed separately.

Don’t waste time and avoid costly disputes

The entire publications catalogue is available to view on the Publications Order Form page with a short description of each, costs and their ISBN numbers.

ACA Suite of Partnering Contracts, PPC2000, TPC2005 and SPC2000 and related Guidance

The current publications are:

  • PPC2000 (Amended 2013)  – ACA Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering
  • TPC2005 (Amended 2008) – ACA Standard Form of Contract for Term Partnering
  • SPC2000 (Amended 2008) – ACA Standard Form of Specialist Contract for Project Partnering
  • SPC2000 Short From (Issued 2010) – ACA Standard Form of Specialist Contract for Project Partnering
  • STPC2005 (Issued 2010) – ACA Standard Form of Specialist Contract for Term Partnering
  • Guide to ACA Project Partnering Contracts PPC2000 and SPC2000
  • Guide to ACA Term Partnering Contracts TPC2005 and STPC2005
  • Introduction to Pricing Under PPC2000
  • Introduction to Pricing Under TPC2005
  • PPC(S) – Scottish Supplement to PPC2000

If you are starting a new building project, you should use the latest versions of each contract which contain incorporated amendments.

A Scottish version of documents in the PPC suite is also being drafted.

There is a PPC2000 dedicated website at for further information on ACA/ACE suite of partnering contracts.  To learn more about the range of projects that have been procured using PPC2000 and TPC2005 you can download the free publication which features 28 case studies: 10 Years of PPC2000

ACA Suite of Alliance Contracts FAC-1 and TAC-1

The current publications are:

  • FAC-1  – Framework Alliance Contract
  • TAC-1 – Term Alliance Contract

Visit the dedicated website at for further information and detailed guidance.

ACA Forms of Architectural Appointment

The ACA produces two architectural appointments. The highly successful “ACA SFA – ACA Standard Form of Agreement for the Appointment of an Architect” and a shorter form of appointment contract “ACA98 – The Appointment of a Consultant Architect for Small Works”.

ACA SFA 2012 is the current version of the ACA SFA which was originally published in September 2008. It has been updated to The English version is now available at £22 per copy or £20 per copy when two or more copies are purchased. A full sample ‘worked’ copy of the ACA SFA 2008  Appointment document is available to view at: ACASFA Taster

ACA98 – The Appointment of a Consultant Architect for Small Works

Other building related Contracts and documents

The ACA produces other documents including:

ACA Form of Building Agreement

ACA form of Subcontract

ACA Certificates for use with ACA Building Agreements.

Architects, Chartered Architects and Architectural Derivatives – A guide to who should help with your building project: To help your clients understand the difference between architects, architectural technicians, architectural technologists and other classifications of design professionals, the ACA in collaboration with the ARB, CIAT and RIAS have produced an information leaflet which can be downloaded from Consumer information leaflet DOWNLOAD version.

More complete descriptions and some ‘Tasters’ of the main ACA documents may be viewed on the  ‘Tasters’ pages. Order documents via this website on the Order Form  or ring 01959 928412. If you are ordering more than 5 copies of any publications, or are ordering from overseas, please contact us to arrange for a bespoke shipping quote and discounted costs on the publications.


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