ACA Publishes new TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract

TAC-1 is a versatile standard form term alliance contract which supports and integrates the provision of any type or scale of works and/or services and/or supplies.The TAC-1 “Term Alliance Contract”: 

  • Enables a client and its team to obtain better results from any term contract;


  • Helps to integrate a team into an alliance;


  • Helps to obtain improved value through building information modelling;


  • Is designed for use in any sector and in any jurisdiction.

TAC-1 sets out: 

A multi-party structure of “Alliance Members” including the “Client”, the “Provider”, an in-house or external “Alliance Manager” and any other Alliance Members  (clauses 1 and 3 and Appendix 2; 

Why the term alliance is being created, stating agreed “Objectives, Success Measures, Targets and Incentives” (clause 2 and Schedule 1); 

Mobilisation and handover procedures and improved engagement with Stakeholders (clauses 1.11, 5.1 and 14.9); 

A clear “Order Procedure” for simple or complex “Orders”, supported by “Template Order Documents”(clauses 4, 5 and 7, Schedule 4 and Appendix 3); 

What the Alliance Members will do to seek “Improved Value”, working together through “Supply Chain Collaboration” and other agreed “Alliance Activities” in accordance with an agreed “Timetable”(clause 6 and Schedule 2) 

How the Alliance Members will manage risks and avoid disputes using a shared “Risk Register”, “Core Group” governance,”Early Warning” and alternative dispute resolution (clauses 1, 9 and 15 and Schedule 3); 

Flexibility to include particular “Legal Requirements” and “Special Terms” for any sector in any jurisdiction (clause 13 and Schedule 6). 

TAC-1 is based on: 

The successful TPC2005 Term Partnering Contact; 

The FAC-1 Framework alliance Contract; 

Lessons learned from analysis of successful term alliances

For more information visit www.allianceforms.co.uk