The ACA has launched the ACA Subscription Service for the ACA PSA22 appointment agreement which is targeted at Architects; it will provide:-

  •  A cost effective solution for an appointment agreement subscription service – pricing is £12.50 per month (minimum 12 month subscription contract)
  • An unlimited supply of appointment agreements
  • Save time and hassle in negating the need to purchase and download a separate appointment agreement every time one is needed
  • A 20% discount to ACA Members; £10 per month

Membership is FREE and registered architects can join by simply going to:-

  • ACA PSA22

To view a reference copy of ACA PSA22
Click here

To view the ‘How to Use Guide’
Click here


The ACA PSA22 is designed for small, simple and domestic works, suitable for consumer and commercial clients; it’s concise and easy to complete (also available for single use at £36.00 plus VAT by emailing the ACA at The ACA will be looking to roll out the subscription service to accommodate the ACA SFA24 in the summer of 2024.

Once the ACA has received confirmation of payment which will include your practice name; the ACA will supply the ACA PSA22 PDF via email which will be watermarked with both your practice name and calendar year. If you subscribe at any point through a calendar year for example August 2024, your watermark will be your practice name together with an annotation ‘For appointment agreements during the calendar year 2024’ and you will be issued with an updated PDF during December 2024; with the annotation ‘For appointment agreements during the calendar year 2025’ and so forth. Terms and conditions apply

Please see our terms and conditions of trading ACA Publication purchase T & Cs 2014