ACA/ACE Standard Form of Contract For Project Partnering

The first standard form of Project Partnering Contract,PPC2000, launched in September 2000 by Sir John Egan, chairman of the Construction Task Force”. It provides a foundation and route map for the partnering process and can be applied to any type of partnered project in any jurisdiction.

This is a multi-party contract relating to a single project whereby the client, constructor and the client’s appointed advisers work together under the same terms and conditions. All or certain of the constructor’s subcontractors can also sign PPC2000 as members of the partnering team. SPC2000 can be used in respect of specialist work undertaken by either those subcontractors who have entered into PPC2000 or those who haven’t.

This version includes the HGCRA amendments and public sector payment provisions.

Associated documents include:

Guide to Project Partnering Contracts

SPC2000 Short Form


Introduction to Pricing under PPC2000

ISBN: 978-1-901171-43-3

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